Beauty spa treatment with facial maskWe offer the following non invasive treatments to help resolve the day to day issues our largest organ – Skin – is exposed too. What used to be considered indulgence is now a standard of personal care to be the best you can be.

The Petite Facial – $35

Rehydrate! Includes cleansing, steaming and hydration masque.

Deep Pore Facial - $50

Includes Deep Exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and opens the pores for extractions. Our Masque treatment further refines the appearance of the pores and prepares the skin for maximum retention of serum(s) customized to clients requirements.

Merle Norman Signature Facial - $75

A custom blended treatment for all skin types providing long lasting radiance and nourishment. This luxurious facial includes Deep Cleansing, Steaming, minor extractions, relaxing massage and customized masque and serums to skin type.

Glycolic Facial - $60

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and unsightly age spots. Having this pharmaceutical grade chemical breakdown will give you one of the highest degrees of exfoliation.

Microdermabrasion Facial Services – Single Treatment - $95 – Series of 5 Treatments - $475

This treatment provides gentle abrasion or “polishing” to remove outer layers of old skin cells, Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and a series of 5 to 12 treatments at two to three week intervals is recommended for optimal results.

Bootcamp loyalty program image

Bootcamp Facial Loyalty Program

Have your Skin Looking Its Best!
Commit to 4 Customized Facials(Regular Price $50 and up) and with your recommended Skin Care Product Purchases - your Facials are charged out at $20 each.*
*All Facials will be booked with the Aesthetician that starts you on the program to monitor skin improvements and progress.

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